Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The fun begins

  Well we moved about another 90 miles to East Bank Campground. This was another corp park on Lake Seminole outside of Chattahoochee FL. There are 65 sites with a few right on the lake.

  We found another festival to check out. So off we went on Sat. to Quincyfest and Porchfest. Quincy is a small town and this ended up to be a very small festival. We listened to some music and walked around.
  After 3 nights stay we headed out for the final 140 miles to our winter home. We made it to our daughter and son-in-laws, Amanda & Pat on Halloween.
  They both were at work when we arrived, so we started our set up for our long stay. As we were doing this there was a ruckus coming from the goat area. Somehow a gate was open and the male goats & donkeys were in with the female goats! They were running after each other. It took us awhile but we did get them all separated. We'll see how many little goats there will be in 5 months.
  Amanda had been looking for different things to do on the weekends. Our 1st weekend we headed to Jacksonville to check out the air show. Traffic was terrible and we ended up going downtown to a BBQ Fest. This was a small festival for the size of the area. We enjoyed some bbq and listened to some very good country music.
  Last weekend we headed to Gainesville for the 36th Annual Downtown Festival & Art Show. The festival featured 240 local artists. Some very interesting one-of-a-kind pieces.
 It hasn't been all play since we got here. It's pecan season! Nuts are produced every other year and this year there are plenty. So far we have taken 100 lbs in to be cracked and blown. Then we go through the pieces and take out the remaining shell pieces. Still a lot more on the trees.

How they look after they're cracked and blown


  1. Love the before and after with the pecans.Good post!

  2. A park we were in on our way west was filled with pecan trees. All the leaves were falling, and occasionally a pecan or two would hit the roof. They sold them in the office for $5.00/pound! Unshelled! Glad you are back in FL with the family.