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Friday, December 22, 2017

Happy Holiday

                  Looks like this is becoming a monthly blog.
  I'm writing this one for Ray. The last blog was let the fun begin. Well it hasn't been all fun this month. The day before Thanksgiving we got the news that Rays younger sister Diane passed away. She was diabetic and on dialysis for about 10 years. Her son and two granddaughters will miss her along with everyone else. With trying to get through this news, we received more very unexpected news. Rays younger brother Corey, who lives in MD, died on the Sunday after Thanksgiving from a bike accident. He leaves a wife and two kids. This has been very hard on the four remaining siblings.
Corey and Diane
  The families planned a funeral for both of them in WI on Dec. 9th. Seeing that Ray is not suppose to fly, we drove to WI. Our daughter came with us and our son-in-law would fly up later. Well Pat didn't make it, his flight was cancelled because of the snow in Atlanta. We only had a dusting of snow in WI.
  We made it through the weekend with lots of support and hugs from our family and friends.
  We were home for a day when one of the goats, Daisy was in labor. Pat & Mandy stayed up most of the night helping to deliver 2 little ones. Both were doing fine but Daisy was in rough shape.
Lucy & Ricky
  Pat & Mandy had plans to go out of town so we were in charge. I had to do the bottle feeding which was every 4 hours. the 1st night wasn't to bad. Ray woke me in the morning and said there were 2 more babies. I thought he was joking.
Tom & Jerry
  Daisy didn't make it through the second night. Oh boy, bottle feeding every night. That afternoon another goat, Stripe ended up having twins. They were premature and stillborn. We rubbed some of the scent from those babies onto Lucy & Ricky. Stripe has now adopted them as her own! We are so glad that Stripe has a little family.
   We are waiting for our daughter Colleen, her husband Goyo and 3 of their sons, our son Nate and Mandys son Alex to arrive today. Some are staying till Tuesday and the others will be here till Friday. We can't wait!
Ray, Wendy (me), Mandy & Pat
                  We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Daisy  (RIP)


  1. It is always difficult loosing loved ones but even more so over the holidays. Stay well.

  2. So sorry you had a sad beginning to the holidays. Losing family is hard enough, but around the holidays it makes it even worse. You guys are getting to be great goat farmers :) Merry Christmas to you and Ray!