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Saturday, February 11, 2012

No more roughing it.

    Our camping adventures started in 1976 with tent camping. Our oldest daughter, Mandy, started camping at 10 months. Her playpen took up half the tent.

 Then we bought a used tent camper. It had basically beds on the ends and a long bench along the side. No stove, sink, fridge or furnace. We still used the screen tent. We were happy, we were off the ground. And our daughter, Colleen, started camping at 6 months.

 Next was the small Lark travel trailer. It was a little small and heavy. We only kept it for a year.

 Then, we found a used Apache hard sided popup. This worked great for us. We started taking 1 and 2 week vacations during the summer. After a few years, our son started camping. Nate was 6 weeks old when we went on a 1 week vacation. The girls would sleep in the van so Nate wouldn't wake them up.  We had the Apache for about 17 years.

 We liked the low profile of the popup, so the next camper was a Towlite by Hilo. Yea, we now had a bathroom. This was a nice step up. We had a fridge and air. Mandi and Colleen were out on their own and not camping with us much.
We owned 2 of those, a '96 and then a 2002. Then our grandkids started to appear and we would begin taking them.

In 2007 we attended a Life on Wheels seminar in Iowa. While there,nearby we had seen on the internet a 5th wheel that looked to be what we wanted. Though we were planning to wait a couple of years we ended up with our dream rig.

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  1. You've come a long way! At least you have more room now.