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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Birthday

  Had a nice visit with Wendy's parents this past weekend. Her mom was having her 80th birthday. She says she doesn't celebrate birthdays- it's just another day.(now I know where Wendy gets that sayin.)
 Her folks are doing pretty well for there age. It goes to show staying active is the trick.
 Her dad was building a chicken coop. He says he had been thinking of doing this for a couple years and decided to do it. He plans to just have a few layers and some to eat also.
  Her dad is really a marvel,as a past farmer he puts in a large garden, cuts and splits wood that he burns and sells. He also for the past few years has worked the cranberry harvest in the area. At 82 he is something.
Becky, Patsy, Mom and Wendy
  Her mom is also something- she goes to bed early 7ish but gets up at 12:30 am. And the lady doesn't nap. She works on jigsaw puzzles in the mornings. Wendy will pick them up at Goodwill/Salvation Army stores.
   Tested the Rand McNally 7710 on the trip. We really like the features and ease of use-But. did think it had a terrible glare unless you are looking directly at it. I had read of this issue but thought it may have been related to class As with big windshields. On the way home it seemed worse.  Then I did read that when on battery and not plugged in it goes to power saving mode and reduces light power. We think mounting it on the dashboard it would be better. Will try that and if it's not better will send back.
   Had a house showing on Sun. and one Tues. have not heard from realtor how they went. Nice to keep the showings coming.


  1. We noticed that with our 7710 too. They make a sunshade for it that I think might help.

    1. I have read the sunshade or visor didn't really help.
      Can you tell me how/where you got your countdown clock? I really like that one, and have had trouble putting one on blog.
      Thanks, Ray