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Monday, February 6, 2012

weekend and more planning

We had a nice weekend with our camping club members, no- we didn't camp yet. We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Milwaukee. We did a Friday fish fry and toured the Sprecher brewery and the Harley museum on Sat. We played some farkle and had a good visit. The club is made of owners of Excel campers from Wi. Excel campers are made by Peterson Ind. in Kansas. We usually do 3 camp outs a year. I do worry about our club as there are no dealers in Wi. which makes hard for getting new members.

On Friday we met with our financial planner. He is a very nice young guy and although he hasn't dealt with anyone planning to fulltime he has been very helpful and very much on board with our plan. He did give us a bit of warning that we must stick to the budget we have discussed. We realize that doing this at 55 will mean some frugality's to maintain long term. But this we pretty much knew.
 We have been tracking our spending this past year and have put together a plan as best we can. Many items are difficult as mileage cost may vary greatly. We made a budget for so much per day camping, this may be less as we hope to workcamp some(get site for free) and moochcamp (Wendy taught me that term) some, stay with friends/relatives.
 Many people reading the forums ask how much fulltiming cost?, and the best answer is how much you got?:) What is enough for some may not cut it for others.


  1. We've started honing down our budget too. George will turn 62 on 7/14, so we'll have his SS, plus his pension until I turn 59 1/2 in 4 years. We'll definitely have to work kamp right away, but we want to anyway. It'll all work out!

  2. I'm 54 and plan on work kamping. In fact, I just got hired for my 1st job. It will all work out.

    1. Good luck with your 1st work kamping job. A friend of mine always said "things will work out" and they did.