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Monday, April 16, 2012

Another week .....

     I guess Wendy and I are taking turns with new post so its my turn.
 GRRR! All quiet on the home sale. No showings this weekend, maybe a open house next weekend.
  Wendy and I rode our bikes around the neighborhood and there aren't any homes for sale. A couple houses that sold recently needed alot of work, so they sold cheap. Dang we shoulda saved our money and let the house run down??? (okay, I'm all vented out).
  We did do more cleaning last week. I went through tools and Wendy was sorting in her sewing room.  Will have to plan a rummage soon. We also did 2 trips to Goodwill.
  We did take a nice hike in the Vernon marsh last week. The marsh is only a few blocks from home and makes a nice 2 mile walk. This time we drove to another entrance off Frog Alley Road and probably did 3-4 mi. Saw geese, turtles, a couple swans and a bunch of ducks.

                                                                                  On Sunday we drove to Cedarburg for lunch. We ate at PJ Pipers Pancake house. Our grandson Emanuel works there. He had given us gift cards for Xmas, so it was time to use them. We went with Randy and Lyn.
  The weather was cloudy and rain looming, we just ate and drove home. We had not been to Cedarburg before but looks like a nice place to explore. They have a big strawberry fest there every spring that might be worth checking out. (mmm shortcake:).
  This weekend Wendy is going up to her parents (Necedah). She will be painting the livingroom with her sister Patsy. I on the other hand will be working hard to catch some fish with Patsy's hub Sonny. yeah I know I got it rough ' ).

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