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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter fun

  More updating.
We had a great Easter. Colleen & Goyo (daughter & sil), Nate & Bridget (son & dil) and 5 grandsons spent the day at our house.  We had a Easter egg hunt. All 75 eggs were found.

  After our Easter ham dinner, it was time for more fun. Nate and Bridget brought a pinata

  I think they have plenty of candy. Next it was time for birthday cake. Lukas turned 8 last week. It was a long day. The boys were pretty tired when they left and so was grandma & grandpa.
   We have been busy cleaning out stuff in the basement. Ray is cleaning up his work area. Packing up all his tools and getting rid off stuff. I've been cleaning out my sewing room. Filled another black garbage bag. Took down a large table in the laundry area. Had a pile of stuff for the kids to go through. They both took boxes home with them on Easter. Packed up the rest and took it to Goodwill.
   We should have the camper out of storage in 2 weeks. Yeah. We have 2 more campouts on our list this summer. Our spring and fall outings for WI Excel club.  

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