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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Driveways full

 We're still here :( Not much going on. Last weekend I went with my sister, Patsy up to our parents house. We painted the living room and decluttered a couple of rooms. I'm going back up on Mothers Day weekend to paint the bathroom.
 Ray was going to go fishing with Sonny (bnl) but the weather wasn't good and they're not biting yet. He worked some overtime, mowed the lawn and tried some fishing with grandson Noah.
  We finally got the camper home. It takes up the whole driveway. Ray started in cleaning the roof.

  When we picked it up at the storage lot, we found a birds nest in the hitch. There were 3 baby birds in it. We looked around for a place to put it and ended up sticking it in another 5 wheel hitch. I hope the momma bird finds her babies.
  We'll pull the camper out of the driveway for the Open House on Sunday.

  You know where we'll be spending most of our time this weekend.                                                     

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