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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July

 Great couple of first days being homeless. Wendy says not homeless, just house less-ok.
 The weather has been hot, but thankfully Ottawa State park has a very nice beach and swimming lake.
 We are camping with our youngest daughter Colleen, her husband and 3 of their boys. They also brought a 14 yr. old nephew who's from Peru. It has been interesting as he speaks no English. Colleen teaches Spanish and her husband is from Mexico so they can translate.
 I stopped to chat with one of the camp host yesterday. Many times I have done this as I have learned a lot from the different ways many of them live. Some are fulltime campers and some are just locals who enjoy the parks and hosting.
  I thought I remembered this host from a previous visit and was correct. Richard has been hosting here for 3 years. He is from Florida but has a son living in the area so it makes a good way to spend time with him. As we chatted he asked if we wrote a blog and I couldn't believe he said they have read it.
 I had hoped to meet some fellow bloggers and didn't think we'd run into some one so soon.
 Richard said he thought of writing one and I said it would be great to read of his hosting adventures. He has also hosted at other places. Hopefully he will.
  By the way one of Richards duties is to rise early and rake the beach. He uses a 6 wheeler for this but also a lot of hand work filling in holes. He does a super job and the beach looks great every morning. Most people don't realize someone even having to do this.
 Thanks Richard- good job!

                        We're enjoying the beach. The weather has been in the upper 90's.

                                                             Isaiah and Grandpa
                                                Have a happy and safe 4th of July.


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  1. Nice to spend some time with family on the 4th. Isn't it nice to meet other full-timers?