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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Time flys

 It's been a few busy days, time to catch up. The weather has been so hot. The air conditioner has been keeping the camper nice and cool. We have been going to the beach and swimming. Some of the nights were just to hot to start a campfire to sit by.
  On Thursday night we went to Summerfest to see Zac Brown. Decided to take the shuttle in to avoid the hassle of parking. Instead of a coach bus we got a school bus. No air. So glad to get down to the lake front...not much difference in the temp and no breeze. Found some cold drinks & food and listened to some of the music on the smaller stages. Went to the main stage to hear the bands before Zac Brown played. They were not that great. Zac came on about 9:40. Most of the time we had to stand. By 11:15 it seemed like it got hotter out. The music was great.
  We ended up on a coach bus back to our car. A.C.!! Driving back to the campground the temp outside was 86 and it was after midnight.
  On Friday we moved from the campground to my brothers driveway. Went to Culver's for supper and then a swim  at the swimming hole. Both Ray and I spent many of our summer days there when we were kids.

   Sat. morning we helped Randy with the deck he is adding to his house. Ray helped till noon.

 In the afternoon we had our annual 50's Whiners Party. A group of our high school friends get together for a picnic on a lake that one couple live on. This year the group was pretty small.

We had a good time and hopefully we'll see the others from our group before we hit the road. On Sunday we helped on the deck most of the day. Grilled out supper and relaxed. Today it was back to work ( Ray had 6 vacation days).  We also moved from the driveway to Country View Campground. We'll be here for a month, then it's off to North Dakota and South Dakota. 

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  1. Hey Ray and Wendy love the blog. We are throwing a 60th for Rita (mom). July 21st, 4:00, Rebecca & chris's house, w 376 Pine DR. Palmyra. We would love too see you,sorry for the short notice. 414-750-2947, Rebecca's cell.
    Love the Bahr girls