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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Big news!

Ok, in the last blog I said be ready for the next big news.  Well are you ready?- drum roll please.
  We got a new truck!!!

Well new to us anyway. It is a 2008 Chevy 3500 dually extended cab, 26,400 mi.
  On June 28th when we pulled out from home we had taken camper and 2004 truck to get weights.
  We were a fair bit overweight on the truck and tire capacities. In debate we thought it best to find a dually to give us a better safety factor.
  The 2004 had served us well for 5 years.  Maybe I shouldn't have weighed it, we would probably have kept it.
 Buying the truck was a tough decision to make, but for many reasons it was the right thing to do.
 One thing, I knew the 04 truck had been in an accident before we bought it.  When getting the trade price I
was told it was a roll over. Guess that explains the noisy air infiltration by doors.
 So I am excited to hit the road with it. It will be the first time we have had a vehicle with the fancies.(leather,elec. skylight,premium stereo,etc.).
 I just told Wendy we will be eating wienie water soup for a while. '  )
 It will be a learning process driving a dually, but now I will start getting that extra exercise I have been meaning to get. Nothing like parking at the further points in parking lots or maybe down the block : )
  Wendy told  me we are getting a truck with hips. Boy I laughed and can't get that out of my mind.
    Thanks to Harry and Jessica setting us straight on removing verification to post comments. It should be easier to comment. We are not the most savvy on this, but learning as we go.
  Welcome new member Travelbug Susan, it is neat to read others adventures to.

 While waiting for the hitch installation we took a nice stroll by Dubuque, Iowa. And we managed to stay out of the luring casinos.

On the trip back to Cuba City, Wi on Hwy. 11 I had to stop and hit reverse to get pics of these creations of prehistoric cow art.
Years ago we had seen a house maybe just moved or about to be and they had strategically placed what looked to be witches legs. ala Wizard of Oz. I always wished I had taken a pic. So now I try and make the effort to go back and get the shot. You may never go that way again.
  Thanks for checkin in.


  1. Congrats on the "new to you" pick'em up truck... with HIPS LOL I love it.
    Hope it give you many years of better than expected performance!

  2. Nice truck! We love our wide hipped mama too.

  3. Congratulations on your new truck. Love that "with hips" comment. Priceless.

  4. Congratulations!! Looks like a beautiful truck. :)

  5. Great truck, hips included! We enjoyed the Mississippi River Museum in Dubuque when we were there. I wouldn't recommend the riverboat ride...boat stunk of mildew so we had to stay out on the deck the whole time.