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Friday, January 11, 2013

Gator watch

Hello all,
 It just started raining so it must be time to write again. The weather has been warming, 72 today and only 62 at night. We are looking at 70s for the weekend.
  To recap our week on Sun. evening we attended the ice cream social. They also had entertainment for us afterward. A gentleman playing guitar and singing. It was very nice and they only ask for donations.
  On Monday we headed off to the beach. We drove to Gulf Shores State Park. It is right between Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. We walked a paved trail and got in a nice paced 5 mi. One area on the walk had signs for alligators.We searched the area hard but did not see any gators.

 We then crossed the road and strolled down the beach. The beaches here are beautiful white sand but most of the seashell treasures are small in size.
Sand angel

  Monday night I walked up to the club house and watched the BCS game. I tried to act like a local Ala. fan.
   Tuesday we loaded up the bikes and drove to the Eastern Shore National Recreation Trail. It is a paved trail on the western shore of Mobile Bay. We did about 12 mi. which is all our butts could handle. We got to get on those more often. We then drove about 20 mi. north to Alligator Alley. In my mind I pictured walking down a trail by a river filled with gators. What we actually found was a smelly area under a freeway overpass with no gators to be seen. So this was the third place that posted for gators but none to be found. Maybe just my luck.
  Wednesday was just a stay home day. We are trying to slow down ya know.) We got in a good morning walk and I ran the wire for my sirius radio in the truck. The kids had given us a radio and subscription for Christmas. The unit is portable so I can use is it around the RV also. I also gave the truck a quick washing. At 1:30 we walked up to the club house to listen to a jam session. It was actually quite nice with some very good musicians. The highlight though was another fellow listening in. He came over to us about three times telling us some of his life stories. He has been married for 66 years. His wife or girlfriend at the time wrote him daily for two years while he was in the service. He said how he dropped to his knee as soon as he got home because he did not want her to get away.
 That has also been a nice part being here. We have met some nice people and all have been friendly. Sometimes your arm gets as much exercise as our legs on the walks with all the waving we do.)
 Today(Thur.) we got in our walk, did the Walmart thing then went to the club house to help decorate for Mardi Gras.


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