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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Our 1st Mardi Gras Parade

 Hi all
 Well the nice weather has been cool and rainy. Was only 48 Thursday and very windy. They actually had snow in Birmingham Al. Yeah I know it is winter :(. The weekend report was to warm up.
  We are pretty well settled in here and almost getting a routine for our week. That may be bad. I can start to feel the itch coming on. We haven't spent much time planning future moves. We may have to start planning (loosely).

 We went out to Dauphin Island for a Mardi Gras parade today. We rode the ferry, which is a 35 minute ride from Fort Morgan. There have been a couple parades already and a bunch more before Fat Tuesday on Feb. 12. This was our first Mardi Gras parade and we had a lot of fun.

  We checked out Fort Gaines on the island. It is on the opposite shore from Fort Morgan. They both guarded  Mobile Bay. Again it is a awesome display of workmanship.

  There are many people from the Midwest down here. All a person has to do is where some green n yellow and your sure to find conversation, even though the Packers took it on the chin. We had some nice chats with people on the ferry and at the parade. It is nice sharing different stories about travels n such.



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  1. I would love to be part of Mardi Gras somewhere, sometime. Looks like a great parade!