Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Friday, January 25, 2013

Where is the time going?

Hello all,
 We are enjoying our first winter out of the cold. We feel a bit guilty being here and most of our families are in (WI) a bitter cold spell. Being in Alabama, we are not in the warmest place but I still have yet to don my winter jacket.
  Sunday we spent the day washing the rv. It is nice that they allow that here. In many private parks it is not allowed. On Monday we took a ride to Florida and toured Big Bay State Park. We took a nice walk.

 We stopped at Flora-Bama, a bar on the border. It is a maze of stairways and multiple bars. More set up for the younger crowd. The place was pretty much wiped out in the hurricane Ivan. Parts of the bar stayed open. The Deck and Top Deck area was rebult and expanded. 2012 (spring) the Main Bar was restored in 68 days.
 We had the speciality Bushwhacker. Think Wendys frosty (chocolate shake) with different kinds of rum-lots of rum. Any more than one and you better have a driver. They had a live band and we listened in for a bit.

  Tuesday was wash day, yeah I know the fun just never stops. But we always seem to have some nice chats with others while there. We met a nice couple from Canada. Art and Ricky have been coming down to the states for a few years. They do Habitat for Humanity builds in different places. It is very interesting, you volunteer your time and usually get your site and hookups free. They have traveled to almost all the states and have a ton of knowledge we were trying to absorb.
 They had some friends coming to visit later in the day and were gracious enough to invite us out to dinner with them. We met them for a cocktail and were introduced to Roger and Sue. They were from Kentucky and have been fulltimers since 2009. They have worked in a fish camp in Maine, worked the sugar beet harvest, and at Amazon (3x) just to name a few. They also do the Habitat builds to. Boy we could sure learn  from them, just listening to one night of stories was awesome.
 Wednesday we made a Walmart run. Then took a walk in a park on Mobile Bay in Fairhope.

 Thursday we loaded up the bikes and headed to Gulf Shores State Park. We got a nice 15 mile ride in. We then crossed the road and spent a couple hours on the beach. I was teasing Wendy she can only sit for about 20 minutes before she has to get up and walk the beach.