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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Holding in Santa Rosa

Hello all,
 Well we had good intentions of heading out of here (Santa Rosa, N.M.) but weather has changed our plans. We have now extended for the third time, kinda funny but luckily we got time on our side. Yesterday 50-60 mph winds was nasty, so much dust. We sat inside watching it like a snowstorm.Then the temp dropped, yesterday we woke up to 70 degrees and today had 28 and frozen water hose. We were planning to go to Trinidad Colo., which is in south east corner of the state. Then we heard they were getting 12" of snow. So we will extend til Friday with weekend weather to get up to 60s.
Dust in the air from high winds
 This isn't a bad area but not a lot to do. We saw the famous Blue Hole in town which was pretty cool.
We also got in a couple nice hikes. We hiked to where the lake once was. It was weird seeing some small shells so far from water. You can just guess how things looked before this drought.
Found a wet spot. Muddy shoes.
Buoy tied to a tree. How deep was this lake??
            Haven't seen a lot of wildlife here but a few jack rabbits that were huge.

 Looking forward to getting to South Dakota and workamping. We are to arrive May 3 and start one week training on the 7th.  They review policies the first half of the day then they load us in vans and take you around the park and area. That should be good for our first experience doing this.
 Lets hope spring arrives soon in the northern states.

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  1. Nice part about full timing...can be flexible! Anxious to find out about your workamping gig in SD.