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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The latest and how are we doing?

 Hello all,
 Wow what crazy weather! I could be saying that from almost anywhere in the U.S.
 We have had the wind blow like we have never seen. Today when we awoke it looked foggy out, turns out it was just dust.
  Saturday we joined the group here for a picnic at Sitting Bulls Falls. It lies about 40 miles west of Carlsbad.
 The park is a day use only area. The Falls is only a short walk from the picnic area, and was quite a surprise in this desert setting.
 There also was a trail to the top which Wendy and I took to try and see where the water comes from.
Trees damaged by a fire in the area last year
View looking down at picnic shelters
 We spent the next couple days getting a early morning walk then hiding out from the strong winds. We got some plans made for our trip to South Dakota.
  Today we made the drive to Roswell which everyone knows is famous for UFO sitings in 1947. We bit and took in the museum. While not high on the list of must sees if your driving by you might as well stop.

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 So we have been fulltimers for about 6 mo. How do we think we are doing?
 So far luckily we have had no major issues to arise, Rv and truck are working fine.
 On the financial side for different reasons we didn't begin to track our spending until Jan.1.
Overall we are under our budgeted spending, with two months under and one slightly over.
( if anyone is investigating the lifestyle and would like more of our financial info leave a comment or email us.)
  Our mail is set up through Alternative Resources and we receive twice monthly. That has been working fine.
 We get by fine with no cable/dish tv. We use Verizon air card for Internet and only at Big Bend National Park had no service and then campground had wifi.
 We have no washer/dryer, do laundry about twice a month and do not mind.
  Wendy has been doing more cross stitch and playing with her pics on Picasa. I have been reading and doing sudoku puzzles on the nook. Oh that and trying to keep a black truck clean.
 We have met some nice people.
 We do miss seeing family but calls help.
  I asked Wendy do we ever think of going back? answer-No- not til we can't drive any more. We have only just begun. )

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  1. Sounds like your first 6 months have been as good as ours! We are over budget in a few categories, but I'm still pulling in $$ from 'work', so it's ok for now. Still loving this life!