Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Santa Rosa N.M.

Hello all,
 We moved to our new home at Santa Rosa Lake State Park. It is located about seven miles north of Santa Rosa N.M. State parks here have a nice price of $14. and that included elec.
 We pulled in on Friday around 2:30 and got lucky as we got the only non-reservable elec. site. The park is still in winter mode and one section was not open.
The park is located near a dam on the Pecos River which forms the lake. The lake like so many others is very low, the ranger said it is down 75 feet. It was 3,800 acres when full and now only 218.
 We got in a nice shoreline walk of two miles. Oh it used to be shoreline, but we did see some water.)
 The area has some nice hills with pinion and cedar trees. Holy cow, it was nice to see some trees. Carlsbad area sure had few.
  Santa Rosa looks like a nice town to explore so we may stay for a few days. That along with wind and cold weather we may just wait to move north til we really have to.
 Oh, Wendy and I remembered our worst issue full timing is getting fuel with the rv on. On Friday the gps gave us a run around to closed stations and then one station had such a sharp dip to enter we wouldn't even try it. Sometimes diesel is only at semi areas and sometimes at end islands. Sometimes the canopies don't list height. You are never sure where to go in and then you have to be able to get out. So to us that's the worst thing we have found.


  1. We can attest to the finding diesel issue. We try to stick to Pilot or Flying J to get the discount, but sometimes we just have to buy at a "gas" station. No fun with a fifth-wheel in tow!

  2. You are so right. Getting fuel is a pain. And now, I am reading about debit card info being stolen. Makes travel so much more challenging....