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Thursday, June 5, 2014

This That and Fish

Hi all,
 Things have been going pretty well here in Custer SP. Wendy has been working at the two Stockade Lake campgrounds and Sylvan Lake campground. Sylvan is a bit separated from the main part of the park but she uses a state vehicle for the 9 mile ride. Her schedule has been 8-5 for two days and 12-9 for two days. After they get a couple more attendants trained her days will all be 8-5. That was her preference, I wonder if it has anything to do with my hours being 5-9??
 Weather has been warming a bit but we are still getting some thunderstorms and rain. Monday was a sunny day so we got in a nice drive to see the heads( Mt Rushmore). We did the Iron Mountain Road where the tunnels frame it and did a quick drive by. We took a stroll through Keystone enjoying the light early season crowd and had lunch.
  I still had time to get in a little fishing. I have bounced around the shore of Stockade Lake doing pretty well with some nice bluegills and crappie. I know it's a pretty rough life.
 Wednesday started out sunny so we took a short hike on the Stockade Lake Trail. Only 1-1/2 miles but does have some elevation gain giving it a moderate rating. As the trail is not one of the popular ones we enjoyed it all to ourselves. We also figured we haven't been hiking much lately so this was a good refresher. Then it was off the lake for some more fishing. Did I say how rough it is here?.)
 Wendy has always loved doing crafts as a hobby. She has cross stitched for many years and recently she has really involved in pine needle baskets. She actually picked it up going to a naturalist program in the park last summer with grandson Lukas.
 Also a couple of my latest carvings. You can't fish all the time .)

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  1. Boy oh boy, the life of a workamper :) Working there is still on our list for one of these summers in the future. Hopefully summer 2015..