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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fun Between the Drops

Hi all,
 Another week passing here in the beautiful green Black Hills. The weather has warmed some but we are still getting some good rain. It never is enough to wash out your plans but don't go without your umbrella. We talked with a couple that hiked up Harney Peak( highest pt east of the Rockies) and the clouds opened up on them all the way down. They still were in good spirits, just shows it is all about attitude.
  Custer State Park is famous for wildlife viewing and lately we have seen some of the not so famous. We have spotted osprey at three different lakes and have seen them doing there part to reduce the fish population.
 There are also multiple blue heron nests on an island on Stockade Lake. They sure do some loud squawking at times.
 Tuesday the park put on a picnic for all us park people. These are nice gatherings and chances to talk with others doing different jobs.
 Wednesday I got up early to go fishing with JD another camphost in the park. We just shore fished but did pretty good. JD is from Washington and says all he fishes for there are trout. He really likes the crappie and bluegills here. He says he is just saving the fish from drowning.) We want to put on a fish fry one evening if we can make it work with our schedules.
 Later Wendy and I pulled out the VIP passes and headed to Keystone for the Presidential Wax Museum. Some of the figures looked very life like while others not so much so. We then played a round of mini golf at Holy Terror course. We pretty much stunk up the course but had fun and happy we did it for nothing.
                                   This balloon gave us a early awakening one morning.
And a nice picnic area up near Mt Rushmore with some great views.

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