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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wild West in the Hills

Hi all,
 Well this past weekend took the cake for crummy weather. Rain and highs in the 40's are about as bad as it gets this time of year. As bad as it is for us we feel bad for the people who are camping in tents and on their vacation. One guy asked me when they moved Mt Rushmore-? They couldn't see it through the fog. Just like things usually go on Monday the sun was shining and it was up in the 60s.
  So with the sun energizing us we took a drive on the wildlife loop marveling at the vibrant green colors the rain has provided.
 Then we looked at the VIP passes and decided to check out Four Mile Old West Town. This was a remake of a old west town featuring 50 structures. This was probably a neat attraction at one time but now a run down mess. It did have some neat old antiques but the whole place needed repairs. As it sits outside of town they probably have a tough time drawing tourist, but I'm sure many tourist drive up and say no way. Oh well it was still a nice day and worth the price we paid(0).
 Tuesday was spent at the lake doing a little fishing and not much catching. For dinner we had reservations at the Bluebell Chuckwagon dinner. Bluebell is on the southwest side of the park and features a lodge, campground with cabins, and is the area for horse rides.
  This was another chance to use the VIP passes and do something we hadn't done last year. They loaded us up in wagons pulled by pickups each with a guitar player leading us in song. Our leader was a fourth grade teacher who has actually recorded CDs of cowboy and fun music for kids. He played some well known songs for sing along and mixed in some of his own funny songs.
 After rolling along and seeing plenty of wildlife for about a good hour we arrived at Parker Canyon
where we had our steak chuckwagon dinner while being entertained by the quartet of musicians from the wagons.
 Just as we finished dinner the clouds decided it was time to go and gratefully we pulled down plastic shades to keep us all dry.
  Oh and stay tuned for the big news next week.)

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  1. When we were there on vacation back in 2009, we saw that little old west town and passed it by ...Lol. I also remember that chuckwagon ride too. Looked like fun!