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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Excel-lent Week

  Hi all,
Holy cow! how bout this weather? Way to early for the highs that they are talking about(50's).  The Country View Campground is situated on a good hill in the area offering great views and all the breeze you want.
 Saturday we took a drive to visit at our Excel club campout. They were meeting at Westward Ho Campground near Sheboygan WI. As we were unsure of our plans we thought best to just drive up for the day.
 The club is a Wisconsin chapter of Excel RV owners. We have been members since 2008 and though we are on the road we still enjoy getting together with the club when possible. It was nice catching up with the goings on of the group. We also got in on a great pot luck dinner and enjoyed some campfire chat before heading out.
 On Sunday we took advantage of what may have been the last warm water day to pontoon with the kids. Our son Nate had bought a nice 20 ft. pontoon this spring so this was our first adventure on it. Daughter Colleen and family also came along. We had a great day swimming, picnicking, and fun boating around admiring the lake properties.
life on the sandbar

Colleen and hubby Goyo

Nate and Wendy

Grandson Noah and gf Haley
  The rest of the week was a lot of house cleaning and visits with dad. He seems to be adjusting well to the new surroundings which will make us feel much better when we need to leave. As it stands now we hope to hit the road Oct. 6th or so. That should give us ample time to drive slowly to Fla. for our Nov.1 volunteer job. In the meantime we will be busy, busy, busy.
Wendy's latest creation

Goodnight All

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  1. Bet you're happy you're not in SD. Saw a picture from fellow bloggers who work at Crazy Horse. Lots of snow this morning!