Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Friday, September 5, 2014

Taking care of dad

Hi all,
 This post will be short as we have been busy with dad visits and stuff.
To update on my dad, his health has been improving. His moods have been good, memory issues remain problematic. His physical stature is a bit weak and unstable. He needs to use a walker and will be limited to short walks with someone along side. 
 Good news was we found a Health and rehab center we think will be a good fit for him. It is located about 15 miles from Mukwonago- an acceptable drive for the family to visit. We have begun the task of cleaning out the house as a sale will be necessary.
 We have relocated to Country View Campground just outside of our old hometown of Mukwonago. We will be here for a month to get the decent monthly($495) rate. It is a nice private park that we have stayed at in the past. It will allow us a quick drive to and from the house.
 I again want to thank everyone for the well wishes and support.


  1. I'm sure that your family is glad you are there to help. It's an arduous task to get a house ready to sell. My Mom and I are working toward that slowly.

  2. It sounds as if all is falling in place. It is so hard to see our parents age and their health decline. Our prayers are with you.