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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Halloween Campout 2014

Hi all,
Our time here is quickly nearing an end. We have pretty much completed all the house cleaning at my dads and the house is listed. Dad is doing well where we have him. The family thinks it is a good place and he is being well cared for.
 This past weekend was our annual Halloween campout and a good time was had by all. Wendy and Colleen made our 'wacky wavy arm flailing inflatable tube men' costumes. Many adults? get into the act although the treats are more of a adult beverage type.
Wendy, Colleen, Goyo and Ray

grandsons Lukas and Isaiah

unknown trick or treaters

 We had a great time but were more than happy to shed the plastic saunas when done.
 Our Saturday night meal is a soup buffet that always is guaranteed to fill you to the max. All this made a great time to spend with family and friends.
 Today I had a breakfast with about 20 other retirees while Wendy was meeting up with her former coworkers for lunch. We then capped off the evening helping my sister Darlene celebrate her 60th birthday. It was at one of the restaurants where we have had many family gatherings. It was super nice to be able to be there.
Dar and grandsons

Dar and hubby Dennis
 We have a calendar marked with various things to do and the last two weeks will be busy. We have yet to plan our route, maybe we will be doing that as we drive away.)
Wendy's pine needle baskets

Dar's Balloon basket

Happy Halloween

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  1. What cute costumes! I always crack up when I see those waving arms :) You got your Dad's house done quickly! Us, not so much. Done two rooms and then we sit :( Have people coming Saturday to look at the house (it's not listed yet) so we have our fingers crossed!