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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Grapevines n Springs

Hi all,
 The cold weather has found our hiding spot. We have had two nights of freezing temps and highs in the 40's. Well at least we're not in Buffalo right?
 We have been running two small electric heaters almost non stop. We also run our electric fireplace heater when we are up and about. Good thing we are on 50 amp service we have not blown the breakers yet. Oh, and then we do run the units propane furnace for a bit in the morning just to warm things up from the lower night settings. Such is life in an rv in the winter.
 I know we are from Wisconsin and should be used to the cold but I guess our blood thins fast. Hopefully you all are coping as well.
 We have been having a good time here getting some nice visits with Mandi and Pat. Mandi( Amanda) is our oldest of three great kids. Her given name is Amanda and that is what her hubby and his family tend to use, but to us she is Mandi.
 Mandi has bought a house and 30 acres near here and we are trying to help where we can. She had asked us to help with some grapevines that seriously needed pruning. Although we have never grown grapes with the help of google and some youtube videos we gave it a whirl. Now we will keep our fingers crossed and see what happens.
 We have taken a few drives around the area to better acquaint ourselves. Seems to be lots of springs about. These are not the typical springs we have seen where a small pool is formed and then feeds into a stream. These are springs that divers submerse into miles of underground limestone caves. We saw one the other day(Madison Blue Springs), 82 feet across and 25 feet deep. Its output flow varies but has been recorded at 94 million gallons a day making it a first magnitude spring.
 First magnitude springs outflow more than 64 MGD(million gal. per day). Florida has 17 of these.
Also nearby us Falmouth Springs is a first magnitude spring that boast flowing into the shortest river in the world at 400 feet. It is also known to flow backward depending on the Suwannee River level.
  Many of the springs are popular swimming holes on hotter days as they maintain a constant 72 degree temp. And no if you think we are swimming in that. Our nice artesian hot tub at Roper Lake was 95 and just right.
                                So that's your Spring lesson for today;)
Anderson Springs

Lafayette Springs 

Madison Blue Springs

Suwanacoochee Springs

Falmouth Springs

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  1. Sounds familiar :) We have 2 space heaters running, and our fireplace as well. The days it's been very cold, we ran the propane furnace a bit. Not liking this cold weather!