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Friday, November 7, 2014

Way down on the Suwannee River

Hi all,
Time to catch up a bit- we pulled into Suwannee River State Park on last Friday and have been busy.
This is where we will be for the next four months.
 The park is located about 13 miles west of Live Oak, Fla. along, as you can guess, the Suwannee River. There are 30 campsites and 5 cabins on 1800 acres in the park. Most of the area is long leaf pines with some mixed hardwoods, Wendy is in pine needle heaven.) There is a boat/canoe launch that is beckoning us to get the kayak out and go.
 We have been busy getting settled and learning our duties. Our schedule calls for 20 hours of service per week. It looks like we may work 5 days but things may change as more volunteers are scheduled to arrive.
 We are the first campers occupying a new volunteer village that has four sites. It is nestled in a wooded area just off from the main campground. It doesn't offer the views we had at Arizona last year but should be a nice quiet area to watch the numerous squirrels go nuts.)
 Well the best part of being here is the being near our oldest daughter Amanda and her husband Pat. In March she took a job at a Pilgrim, one of the countries biggest chicken process plants as a head accountant. The plant is located less than a mile from the campground.
 They recently bought a 30 acre property that is only about 8 miles from here. The 30 acres is a neat property with some nice outbuildings and much of the place fenced. This is a huge change for the two of them. They have already got 6 new kids to help with the yard mowing. It should be fun watching(and helping) how this goes.


  1. Nice post. We may see you on our way through there.

  2. Haha, love the 'kids'! Pretty cool for you guys to be close to them for your stint in FL.