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Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi all,
 Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Day. The park offered us Thursday off in exchange of working Saturday, but as our plans were to eat a bit later and dear daughter Mandi doing most of the cooking we didn't change. We also only needed to clean two of the five cabins so a short day worked out nice.
 We had a great ham? yes ham dinner. We opted to have ham and then will do the turkey at Christmas. Mandi's employer is giving out turkeys before Christmas so we thought why not mix things up. We had a great meal with pumpkin bars and pecan pie topping it off.
 On Friday we tagged along with Mandi to do some Black Friday shopping. We really weren't after any of the big sale items so we didn't hit the stores til 10ish. We were happy as the night time shoppers must have been home catching up on sleep. We found a few decent sale items and didn't have to fight for them.
 On one of our last days off we managed to get in a short kayak trip on the Suwannee. As the forecast called for clouds and possible rain we picked a short portion of the river to check out. We(along with Pat and Amanda) portaged a vehicle down river so we wouldn't have to return upstream.
Mandi and Pat
One downfall with the weather was not being able to get much in the line of pictures. We have also had a good four inches of rain this past week so we haven't been getting out much. Hopefully things will change and we will have more of Wendy's pics next week.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you guys too. Never seems like the holidays anymore. Christmas we'll be between here and California, probably in a truckstop in Texas, lol.