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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Leaving Suwannee

Hi all,
Whoopee! we moved!! Finally get to figure out how to move us on the travel map again. Not that things were bad at Suwannee but four months in one place is about all we want to spend. That old hitch itch really kicks in.
 On Thursday one of our fellow work campers cooked us a special meal called a low country boil. We had not heard of this, you take red potatoes, chunked sweet corn, sausage, shrimp and onion then put it all together in a big boiling pot with seasoning. Wendy added some dutch oven rolls and Milli brought the Smores to complete a total belly stuffing meal.
Joe the master chef and Kurt

 Rehanna, the work camper coordinator, stopped in and presented Wendy and I certificates of appreciation for our efforts here. We were thanked and told we would be welcome to come back at anytime.
 On Friday we got the special treat of touring the Pilgrim Pride Chicken plant. Amanda has been working as head accountant at the plant. Sadly as with most plants no pics were allowed of the processing because I know you all would have loved to see that. It is quite an amazing plant  processing about 1.250 million chicken per week. They have two main process lines that run about 140 birds per minute. Kind of gives you a different perspective when you look at that chicken in the store.
all suited up for the tour
 So today we hooked all up said goodbye to some great people and headed out. We didn't drive to far(128 miles) St. Augustine was our destination. We have a two week reservation at Stagecoach R-V Park. It is a small no frills park but is a short distance to St. Augustine and the beaches. Now if we can just get some weather to cooperate. Seems we have seen nothing but rain and cold lately. I know it is worse elsewhere but hey we are in the Sunshine State.
 There looks to be a lot to do in the St. Aug area and we are looking forward to checking it all out. And an added bonus there is a seafood festival going on this weekend. Bike week also will be going on beginning March 6th which may make some things busy. Bike Week is actually Daytona but not that far away.
All that and celebrating our 40th Anniversary on March 8th. I know what you're thinking how did Wendy do it? Ha, I guess love is blind.

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  1. Low country boil is one of my favorites, George not so much :) Have fun in St. Augustine, not done that yet. So much to see!