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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Live Oak and Cumberland Island round II

 Hi all,
Our time at St Augustine sadly came to an end. We had a great time touring and spending time on the beach. We do like the beach time, we ended up at the beach 7 of the twelve days there. We found driving a bit north on A1A led to some very lightly used beaches. The two times we hit the beach right in St. Augustine were busy but nothing you would call packed. I guess the main spring breakers have yet to arrive.
 So we left on Sunday with the plan of setting up camp at our daughters place. We were just a bit skeptical as we would have to enter in one of her fenced fields and not sure where we would actually set up. Things turned out well and we were able to pull in to the first double gate with ease, do a nice back up to align ourselves through a 10 foot gate and swing in close enough for about 75 feet of cord to give us some juice. Looks pretty comfortable we may have trouble leaving(winkwink).
 So while here we have a few projects to help with and can you believe a to do list. I thought those days were over. Well most things are not huge or strenuous so we really don't mind.
 The first project was actually a fun one as grandson Alex and I teamed up to build a goat milking station. Though she doesn't plan to milk her goats it will be used for trimming hooves and cleaning them up when needed.
 This became a priority as one of her goats gave birth over the weekend. Sadly the kid was stillborn, but Blanche was a mess and needed a thorough cleansing after. The stand worked like a charm.
  Alex and his girlfriend Emily are down from Wisconsin for spring break so we have some days with planned activities sandwiched with work days. Monday we built the goat stand then later in the day they planted a garden while I helped Amanda with some irrigation lines. We are trying to get things set up to make watering everything as easy as possible. That and the fact she has so little time to get things done. The joys of being a small farm owner.
 Tuesday we goofed off and made a trip to Cumberland Island. Wendy and I had made this trip two years ago with Mandi and Pat but it was something Alex wanted to see. We arose early and hit the road at 6:30 wanting to be on the 9:00 ferry. They only run a 9 or 11:00 ferry and return at 4:45. Reservations are strongly suggested.

 The island just off the Georgia coast has the remains of a mansion owned by Thomas and Lucy Carnegie. Family members donated the land in 1971 and in 1972 Congress created Cumberland Island National Seashore. The mansion was built in 1884 and all but destroyed by fire. The mansion had not been inhabited since 1925 and the fire happened in 1959. Massive partial walls still remain.

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