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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

News, News, and News

Hi all,
 Exciting news today on the farm. We had a baby!!!! Well a baby goat anyway.) It was all quite cool after losing a baby goat a couple weeks ago this one just popped out all on her own. We had been expecting it any time and were checking frequently. As it turned out Amanda's husband Pat had just arrived home from working on the road for almost two months. He heard a beller and went to check it out and walla, there she was just born. So neat seeing it all wobbly legged taking its first steps.

Amanda and Phoebe
 We had a good weekend taking in a large flea market and farmers market in Jacksonville on Saturday. Sunday was spent doing some yard work and other jobs about. I talked with my son Nate and he said that I should remember that we are retired. Yeah but doing this just seems to be more rewarding though we may not be around to see or reap the rewards.
 Also exciting news for us our other daughter Colleen who resides in WI got a new doggy. They had been pursuing a Blue Heeler for some time and things finally fell into place. It is there first dog and we know he will be a great part of the family.
Grandson Isaiah and Marshmallow
 Wendy and Amanda had bought some gourds to paint and hang as birdhouses. Pretty artistic aren't we? And then the project for the next day was making a trellis to plant some of our own gourds. I always say one thing leads to another.
 Well time here will end soon as Wendy and I figure to hit the road again next Tuesday. We will enjoy Easter with the kids and then head to Summerdale Alabama for a short stay at the Escapee park there. We have stayed there before and find it a nice reasonable spot that is located just a short drive to the Gulf Shores beaches. From there we are aiming for Betty's RV in Abbeville, La. We have a two week reservation there that we are looking forward to. We stayed there two years ago and had a blast, we also met some great people and seems that some will be there then. We also will be meeting up with Tim and Renee, a California couple that we had worked with in Custer our first year.
 That is probably the best part of this lifestyle, meeting new people that end up as good friends.
 Now for the big news you have been waiting for, we got our winter jobs! We are happily returning to Roper Lake State Park in Safford Arizona. We will be there Nov. thru Feb. We had a great experience there last year and again met some great people that will also be back.
 So that's a lot of news, I will end with some of Wendy's pics of flowers here in the yard and of Wendy's latest needle work. Thanks for reading along, Have a Joyous Easter all.

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