Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Friday, May 1, 2015

Cajun Crazy

Hi all,
Well we had our going away party tonight and we are still here. Another thing that goes on at Bettys are going away parties for folks that have left.)
  We fooled em and stayed one more day, but the goings on at happy hour may have had something to do with that. Seems a bourbon tasting was sprung on us, then might as well do a little whiskey sampling, oh what the heck a bit of rum and tequila to.--- you get the idea.
 Good thing we had a safe ride home.

ok who really broke Bettys clock?
 Our kids say this is just a frat house for retirees and we could make a movie Weekend At Bettys.
 This week has flown by with great weather albeit a little cool. Monday we had a crawdad feast at Bettys. A local place does the boiling mixing in jalapenos and seasoning- very yummy.

 Tuesday Wendy and I had lunch at Suire's in Kaplan. A old grocery and restaurant famous for country cooking. Sorry no pics but I had a gator po'boy and Wendy the shrimp gumbo- more yummy. For our Wisconsin friends a po'boy is a sub style sandwich big in the south.
 We then took a drive to see some roseate spoonbills that were nesting on a small island.

 Wednesday we joined a couple others and got in a swamp tour on Champagnes Cajun Swamp Tours on Lake Martin. A cool day for this time of year but sunny skies made a good trip.  We saw plenty of gators, turtles, and different birds. One area of the lake is off limits due to nesting but you could drive  by and get a view from a safe distance.

 We also got in another visit with Tim and Renee having lunch in Lafayette.
 Thursday we joined Jim, Nanc, Merlene , Dan, and Betty for lunch at Dupuys. Dupuys (pronounced Dupwee) is a seafood restaurant in Abbeville where the group had been gathering weekly for oysters. As we are not oyster fans we enjoyed a shrimp po'boy with a cup of gumbo and Wendy a pan seared fish plate special, again all to yummy.
 As I write this it sounds like all we do is eat out while here. Well we have been here two full weeks and we have not cooked lunch or dinner yet. As we have happy hour at 4:30 nightly and everyone brings hors d'oeuvres that cancels dinner.
 Although kind of nice and we really enjoy the Cajun cuisine we really need to get back to our normal eating and probably a little dieting to .(