Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

On The Road Again

Hi all,
Well we finally left Louisiana on Sunday after a two day extension at Betty's. That is the norm around here, people come for a certain time and end up extending not able to drag themselves away from the fun. They call it getting caught in Betty's Web.
.  One big reason for staying on Saturday was attending Crawfish Fest in Breaux Bridge. Most all the gang from Betty's was attending. They have many festivals in this area and for almost any reason but the Crawfish Fest has to be the biggest.
 This is a three day fest and people camp out to enjoy the whole event. We waited in a long line of cars to get in about noon and the crowd just seemed to swell through the day. Many people come prepared with chairs and they were lined up deep from each of two stages.

 We bounced back a forth between stages as bands took 1-1/2 hour turns. The temp got up to 90, thankfully the sun hid some of the time to really prevent  a meltdown.
  Food there was good as Wendy and I enjoyed po'boys. Of course they had crawfish but we thought  not a good choice as seating was minimal and they are not something you eat on the run.
  We had a great time and even after the holdover still didn't want to leave.  As with everything all good things must end and who knows what new adventure awaits
 We got a nice farewell send off from the group and Jim said to have fun finding a Steeler sticker he had hid in my truck. He seems to blame me for desecrating a Steeler gnome, why me? who knows??
 We got in a nice day driving and ended it at a Mt Pleasant, Texas about 340 miles. This is a bit more than we usually drive but we are trying to avoid the forecast bad weather in Oklahoma.
 As we were driving along in Texas Wendy spotted a tire rolling across the median heading our way. Seeing it early I was able to adjust speed some and watched as it rolled across our lane behind us. Thankfully nobody else hit it either. We never did see what vehicle had lost the tire, just shows you never know.
 Monday we got on the road early as we had not unhooked. We drove 410 miles with a tailwind pushing us through Oklahoma to Wichita, Kansas. We stopped at a new campground and were able to walk to a nice Kansas BBQ dinner.
 Now down to 700 miles left we cut the drive to 287 ending at Kearney, Neb. We have stopped here a few times on our routes to Colorado years ago.
 We plan to drive about the same tomorrow and end up in Chadron, Neb. That should leave a short 100 miles and still put us in Custer on Thursday. Heck we could have stayed at Betty's one more day.)
 Just kidding, we don't really enjoy this pace of driving but we did avert storms and it has worked out all right.


  1. Glad you made it through tornado alley ok. Did you ever hear the story about the Boston construction worker who buried a Red Sox shirt under the field of the new Yankee stadium. Keep looking.

  2. Glad you made it safe! Can't wait to hear where you find the Steeler sticker!