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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day Surprise

Hi all and Happy Mothers Day to all the special people out there.
 Had a good drive from Kearney and with nothing but rain in the forecast we just decided to push on and complete the drive to Custer. We completed the 1400 miles in just four days, good thing we now can settle in for a few months.
 It rained while setting up and was about 50 a big change from the 80 degree weather we had in Louisiana.( no comments- you know who) Oh well we always think it is cool to see spring in the south and then see it all over again moving north.
 We checked for mail at the office and did a small drive on the wildlife loop to see some of the critters we have been missing.
   We then got the RV all cleaned up, although I clean the front off daily while driving it had been a while since a top to bottom cleaning had been done. Whew, got that done and just enough time to drop a line in Stockade Lake. Wendy knew I was chomping at the bit to go fishing. A little slow but I managed about a dozen crappie in just over an hour.
 One reason cutting the fishing short was a rv repairman was coming to work on our furnace. When it came on Thursday morning all it would do is blow cold air. Turned out to be a bad board that is not stocked. We run electric heaters most times but like the furnace to heat things up in the morning. And the bad news is the forecast is calling for a crazy late spring snow of up to 24" and night time temps in the mid 20's.
 Not being able to order a new furnace board until Monday I was a bit worried a power outage could be disastrous. I do carry a generator and thought I better have it gassed up and ready in case.
 It began snowing at 7 am on Saturday morning and I quickly buzzed into town to fill up tanks for the generator. It continued to snow lightly through the day and into the night. Still snowing Sunday morning, Happy Mothers( Nature) Day?
 It snowed til about two and looks like a good 12" of the pretty white s----. I have been telling Wendy I don't mind the snow as long as I don't have to shovel. Well the thing is I don't even have a shovel anyhow.

 After it quit we put on some warm weather clothes and took a walkabout. It sure looked pretty and I hope it doesn't damage to many trees. Our weather forecast is into the 50's the next couple days so this should all be gone by the time the campground opens on Friday.
 While in Florida we had spent a good time helping daughter Mandi plant a garden and some fruit trees and pruning grapevines. As we had not really had much experience with this either, it was a learning experience for all. We wondered at times if we were killing the stuff or not. Well she has been giving weekly garden reports and nice to know things are looking pretty good.
 Oh and if that is not enough----you have to tune in to our next post for some really big news ;)
a potato box doing good


  1. So incredible these weather forecasts in May. 2 feet of snow! It is pretty, but not sure we wanna be in it either :)

  2. Glad we are down in Rapid City where we only got 13.8 inches of snow.