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Monday, June 8, 2015

Geocaching Willow Creek

Hi all,
Wow one month here already, weeks just zipping by. Having Tuesday and Wednesday off as our weekend seems to make the work week go by quick.
 Weather around here has been wet. Heavy rain closed Hill City on Saturday as the streets were impassable. One thing we are not hearing now is that the rain is needed. The forecast looks for things to dry up and get warm, we'll keep our fingers crossed.
 We did get a nice day on Tuesday and headed off for a hike and some geocaching. Wendy found a nice three mile loop in the Black Elk Wilderness. Although the brochure said the trail was a favorite and directly across the road from one of the biggest KOA campgrounds, we only encountered a small group on horseback as we began, not one other hiker on a beautiful day?
 The first part the trail follows the Willow Creek, with the highlight seeing a rare for the area waterfall. The trail then meanders through ponderosa pines much of which has been impacted by the nasty pine beetle. The trail also intersects a trail to Harney Peak, which at one point we could see in the distance.

the little waterfall

That itty bitty point is Harney Peak

if they had bear in the Black Hills might be a good home

 Our geocaching went pretty good as we located 8 of  9 that we looked for. There were a couple more off the trail that we left for next time.) We sure got our moneys worth on the trail as it said the hike can be done in an hour and we enjoyed it for over three. Actually we were just being diligent in finding the caches it being a perfect day to just be out there.
finding this one was quite startling

can you see it?
                                         The newest member of  Amanda's family- Roscoe
 She says they protect goats from coyote- who knew?


  1. Looks like you guys are having fun!!!

  2. We've been getting quite a bit of rain here too. The locals keep telling us there's a drought here, but can't prove it by us :) Good cache finds!