Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy belated Fathers Day

Hi all,
I guess we are slacking a bit on our posts but sometimes our normal routine does not give us to much to write on. We have been trying to do something different or take some drives on roads we have not traveled.
 I have been fishing quite a bit and keeping track on the calendar, 13 straight days and counting. Wendy continues her basketry trying to complete one a week. We met the new park naturalist Molly who will be teaching the needle baskets for he park, after Wendy showed her some she says Wendy will be her best friend.)

 I had ordered Wendy a new fit bit that logs her activity for the day. It has given us incentive to get in at least more short walks to get in those 10,000 steps a day. It also records sleep patterns and recording how many times you are awake or restless during the night. Funny though Wendy got in nine steps the other night and never got up??
 We got in hikes by Sylvan Lake and took the Stockade Lake Trail. On that one Wendy logged close to 50 flights of stairs on the Fit Bit, definitely some elevation gain.
 One day we took a drive down to Hot Springs and Cold Brook Recreation Area. I had fished there last year with JD and Jay a couple other camp workers. It is a small reservoir with a campground. Along the drive we stopped at the small town of Pringle for a burger at the Hitchrail Bar. We had heard good reports on their burgers and though we waited a bit to get noticed for service the burgers were good and the hand cut fries were good.
 While there I recognized a couple who had camped by us. I said something as they were walking past us and we ended up having a nice chat with them. As it turns out they will be camping here this weekend so we will get a chance to chat some more.
 We also got together with some of the other camp workers the other day for dinner. We got a chance to meet one of the new camp hosts that we had not met. Yeah I know I should have pics but sometimes it feels weird pulling out the camera for shots at dinner.
 I had a nice Fathers Day getting in chats with the kids, and see the neat care package sent to us by daughter Amanda. Very cool, she sent a note saying we can enjoy some of the rewards of our hard work by her. This all by a girl who at slightly over 29(wink) had not canned anything.


  1. You guys are looking good! Wendy should be teaching those basket classes :)

  2. Looks like you are having a great summer.