Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Monday, June 1, 2015

Good Times at Custer

Hi all,
Our weather is slowly beginning to warm up and Sunday was actually rain free. We really can't complain after seeing pictures from a friend in Texas. We even dusted off the old GPS for a little geocaching. Wendy found a few caches by Spokane ghost town. The old mining town was founded in 1890 and existed until 1940. Some old dilapidated structures and very old cars are about all that remain.
 We didn't fare to well in our geocaching not being able to find the first part of a multi- cache. We did score on one other before clouds and thunder in the distance told us time to go.
 We spent our other day off taking a hike by Center Lake. The lakes color was a bit murky from all the recent rains. At times there is little water flowing from the lake and one can actually walk across the dam, not this time.

 We then walked along the Coolidge Creek that is fed from the lake knowing the first crossing would turn us back. We were surprised to see a new beamed walkway how nice, but we had walked enough and turned back anyway.
 Thursday we got a call from a couple we had met in Louisiana. Tom and Linda have been on a trip from their home in Washington to Key West and were coming by our way. We were more than happy to find them a site in our campground. They hadn't been to Mt Rushmore in years and never spent any time in Custer State Park.
 Although we would have to fit in the visit around our duties we didn't mind and had a great time. Friday they arrived we set them up with a plan for Saturday including driving through the park wild life loop, onto Iron Mountain Road to Mt Rushmore. We then cooked up a nice fresh fish fry and chatted around a fire.
 Sunday while Wendy slaved away I guided them up Needles Highway to Sylvan Lake. After a nice walk along the lake we drove down to Crazy Horse Monument. I got to use my VIP card to get our free entrance, sure like using those. We had a great day and  finished it up chatting at our place.
 How cool is that, we just met this couple for a short time at Betty's RV and we can now call them good friends. Just another great thing about this fulltime RV lifestyle.

Just some pics of what I've been up to. Counted 15 days fishing in May- Life Is Good.


  1. One of the things we love about this lifestyle, is new friends. Seems we have more friends now than we did in our S&B life!

  2. Glad to see you two are enjoying yourselves!

  3. Nice post. It is always great seeing RVers you meet along the road. Great looking fish!!!