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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Excel Fall Outting

Hi all,
 Spent a nice two weeks with Wendy's folks, we were glad to be able to help out while her mom recuperated from her surgery. She is doing pretty good, having way less pain, hopefully she won't push things to hard when we leave. Her dad was going back to work to help with the cranberry harvest. He has done this now for the past 6 or 7 years, although at 85 years old he really doesn't need to. He is just to stubborn to slow down, maybe that's a good thing.
 After we left we attended our Excel camping club fall outing. It was being held in Osseo, WI at Stoney Creek Campground. We had a pretty good turn out with 13 units. We had been exclusive to Excel rv's but due to the company closing we have allowed sobs (some other brands) to join.

 One former Excel owner had just bought a new class A motorhome and it was nice to have them continue as club members. They gave us all a nice tour of their rig, pretty spiffy although they had not owned it for a couple months and some high winds hit the building it was in doing quite a bit of damage. He was having to take it back to Indiana for repairs soon, awful sad but all looked repairable.
So what do we do at our outings, for one thing we sure don't miss a meal.) The highlight being dinner at the Norske Nook Restaurant and Bakery. A scrumptious dinner followed up with some of their prize winning pies. We had some good breakfasts, a nice pizza fest and lunch out a couple times. WE really need to get back to our normal eating habits, that or start wearing sweat pants everywhere.
 We also did a couple neat tours, a bit north is Leinenkugels Brewery one of the oldest breweries in the US. We did the tour then enjoyed a few tasty samples.

 Day two we headed for the Highground Veterans Memorial Park, although Wendy and I had just done this a week or so earlier we opted to hang with the group and do it again. We were glad we did as we stopped at the Silver Dome, a ballroom listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Built in 1933 it is a one of a kind structure featuring a complete oval trussed roof, most buildings like this were made with squared ends. It still houses the circular bar with original cash registers and a walk in cooler in the middle. The floor is narrow hardwood slats that is worn down to nails in some areas.
 The Silver Dome is a real blast from the past holding posters of previous talents there from the big band era, to country western, and even some heavy metal to round things off. As a country fan I was amazed to read that Johnny Cash and George Jones performed on the same stage with Johnny Paycheck in the band.

 The dome is still used today and we were lucky to tour as a group was decorating it up for a benefit party later today.


  1. We did the Leinenkugel Brewery a few weeks ago but wish we had known about the Silver Dome!