Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Busy Bees

Hi all,
 We have a pretty busy schedule trying to prepare for year four on the road to begin. I even made a list of to dos to get it done. We still have a couple doctor appointments, and get brake checks on both the truck and RV.
Wendy and I spent half day changing some strings on the day/night shades. We were saving this for a rainy day project but finally just went for it.
  I had read that 130 lb. test fishing line works good for this. The bad part of that is I could only find online on a 500 yard spool. We should have enough to do a couple hundred shades or find some buddies that need some. )
We're also getting in some nice family visits with the kids. We have a Halloween campout with them that we are looking forward to. We have also been running in to see my dad and have had a couple nice get togethers with some of my siblings.
Dad with a basket Wendy made him.
Dar, Diane, Corey, Me, and Russ
Me, Corey, and Russ

Russ and Mary

Dar and Dennis
 We have yet to get with our high school friends and schedules are making it difficult. We did get with Jake and Dawn for a fun night of cards and we have been invited to a going away party for dear friends Rita and Rick who are moving to Henderson, Nev.
  As of now we plan to leave out on Oct. 12, we start volunteering in AZ Nov.1. This should give us almost three weeks to slowly make our way there. Wendy is trying to plan a different route that will take us on untraveled (to us) roads.
 The campground here is in slowdown mode, very few campers during the week but busy on weekends. We had a group that call themselves Eggshellers in for a rally. It was quite neat to see 35 of the little buggers. They are not exclusive to a single manufacturer but are molded fiberglass units. Some of the units new and some were antique, some were even produced by UHaul that they rented out years ago.


  1. Sounds like you are getting hitch itch.

  2. Looking forward to hearing about your new gig. We're looking for a paying job after Amazon somewhere in Texas.