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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Highground Veterans Memorial Park

Hi all,
 Decided to take a drive the other day as Wendy's mom was getting antsy sitting at home. She is doing well recovering from her surgery but still pretty limited on what she can do.
 They had read about a Veterans Memorial Park that was not to far and after losing Wendy's brother to cancer in February and him being a Vietnam vet they wanted to see about getting a stone placed honoring him.
 The Highground Memorial Park is located near Neillsville, WI.  A 146 acre park placed there as a central location to all of Wisconsin. The location high on a hill offers spectacular views of woodland and glacial moraines.
 In 1965 Tom Miller was holding his mortally wounded friend on a Vietnam battle field and vowed his death will not be forgotten. In 1984 Miller and others began what was to be a Vietnam  War Memorial but has since expanded the mission to honor human courage and sacrifice wherever it is displayed. The memorial now features 17 different tributes honoring persons in past and present conflicts. There are also plans for a new tribute to the military working dog.
 The project is not funded by any state or federal monies and exist due to hundreds of volunteers and donations.
 We picked a beautiful day for the drive and enjoyed using the free audio tour that explained each memorial. We are planning to have a stone added to honor Wendy's brother in a ceremony next June.

Tribute honoring Native American

Korean Tribute

Meditation Garden area

WWII Women Pilots(WASP) tribute

Gold Star honoring those families who lost a loved one

The Registry creates the true legacy

Replica Liberty Bell visitors encouraged to Let Freedom Ring


  1. Very Neat. Something else to add to our list.

  2. What a great way to honor her brother. Beautiful place and great photos! We will check it out when we are in that part of the country.