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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Gilbert Ray County Park and Saguaros

 Hi all,
Seems we got out of the Roper just in time, Rose called and said she has the flu and Kay has pneumonia. It was nice of Rose to call and alert us to the exposure, we will stay alert and hopefully healthy. We wish them the best and a speedy recovery.
 Our first stop after leaving Roper was not to far, we landed at Gilbert Ray County Park in Tucson. We were catching up with Nancy and Al coworkers from Custer.
 As things go after not moving for four months we encountered a issue with the jacks not seeming to have enough power to raise the rv off the truck. So I plugged in to the electric and that seemed to help. I will have to get the batteries tested under load to see if they are bad. Just like the old house things can and will go wrong.
 We got a nice close sight to Al and Nancy and after setting up had a nice catch up session with them. Nancy provided us with a tasty lasagna dinner and more good conversation after that.
 Gilbert Ray is a pretty campground in Tucson Mountain Park with saguaro cactus everywhere. It has 75 sites and they enforce a seven day maximum stay. One issue we encountered was it only contained 30 amp sites and our surge protector continued to flash low voltage and kicked out a few times. I would think this could be a big issue if air conditioners were needed a lot. As it was it was warm enough but we were away most of the day. The park is at a great location just 1/2 mile from Old Tucson and a couple miles from Saguaro National Park.
 Tuesday Wendy and I headed out to tour Old Tucson,( Al and Nancy had already done this). Old Tucson is one of the most famous western movie sets and was used for over 300 film and television productions. It has been used since 1939 for film classics as Rio Bravo, The Outlaw Josey Wales and Tombstone to name only a couple. Popular TV series Little House on the Prairie and The High Chaparral also filmed parts there.
2nd story added for The Three Amigoes

Golden Gate Mountain in background

  We took a short guided tour to begin then were free to just roam about. We enjoyed a few videos and a small museum with some of the actual props used. They also had a gunfight and a Miracle Elixir show that was pretty funny. We thought it was well put on and had a good time.
 Later we chatted some more and Al offered to take us up to a mountain pass that is well known for great sunsets. We hit it pretty good with a few clouds and got some great shots.

Sitting on a CCC building waiting for sunset
 Wednesday they joined us for a drive through Saguaro National Park. The park is divided into two sections, east and west side of Tucson. We slowly took the 5 mile loop stopping many times along the way.

Wendy spied the only flower on a saguaro we saw
 We got back together after dinner and enjoyed another beautiful Arizona sunset from our campsite. We had a great time with them and will see the later this year at Custer.
 Thursday Wendy and I headed off to Yuma to explore that for a week or so.

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  1. Must be a 4 year thing. Our batteries are going too :( We usually plug into the electric first thing before doing anything else. On the list to buy when we're in Custer.