Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Monday, March 28, 2016

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Hi all,
Hope everyone had a great and joyous Easter.
We had made the move to Boulder City, Nevada staying at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. We are in the RV park which is run by concessionaires. The park service does run a campground which did have nice spacious sites but they do not have electric and do not take reservations. So knowing we were needing a site over Easter we wanted to make sure we had one reserved.
 We began checking the area out by heading down to check out the beach, well what there is of beach. The prolonged drought here has really put Lake Mead at critically low levels. How low you ask? How does 147 feet low sound? Pretty hard to maintain a nice beach with the water constantly receding.

 Lake Mead formed by the famous Hoover Dam and Lake Mohave created by the Davis Dam became part of the first national recreation area in 1964. Today 1.5 million acres draw in over six million visitors each year. Nine different wilderness areas create diverse hiking and exploring opportunities.
 We got in a couple nice drives the first along the North Shore Drive on the opposite lake shore. Along the way we stopped at many of the available pullouts admiring the ever changing scenery. We ended our drive as clouds came in and started to dull the views.

Wendy's keen eyes spotted these Big Horn Sheep
 Besides checking out the park our main reason for coming was to meet up with friends from Wisconsin who have moved to nearby Henderson. We met up with Rick and Rita for some fun catch up gabbing and then they took us to a nice small local casino for a little slot playing and a nice dinner.
  Another day we grabbed Rick and Rita to ride along to Valley Of Fire State Park. Valley of Fire lies at the north end of North Shore Drive. It is an amazing place of fire red colored rock. We again had a great time driving and stopping for short walks through the majestic scenery.



  1. Interesting, We will add the north shore drive to our to do list.

  2. The desert is such a beautiful place. Valley of Fire is incredible!