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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Parker and Lake Havasu

Hi all,
Our next stop was River Island State Park located about 12 miles north of Parker, AZ. We thought this location would give us a good stepping off point to check out the Parker and Lake Havasu areas.
 River Island is a small but pretty state park right on the Colorado River.

Colorado River and Buckskin Mountains

 Just a couple miles south is Buckskin State Park. Buckskin is a bit bigger and to us not as nice. Both parks have boat launches and the close proximity to California make this a mecca for river runners of all types. Thankfully we didn't hit to busy a time as the campground is in almost a canyon and the boat noise can get extreme.
 We first made a drive to Parker and stopped in at the visitor center. We got a couple ideas of things to do, then made the trip home following the river from the California side. We checked out the Parker Dam. Built in 1934 it is 320 feet high and 235 feet below the river bed making it the deepest dam in the world.
 Another day we took a nice 35 mile drive to Lake Havasu. Lake Havasu is home to the world famous London Bridge. We checked out the visitor center and enjoyed pictures of the transfer and recreation of the massive stone work.

Locks attached to rails- keys are thrown in river

We had heard from fellow bloggers that a good(and cheap) way to experience this is to take a ferry ride across the lake. Of course there is a catch the ferry delivers you right to a casino, hmmm what are we going to do next??

one of 19 replica lighthouses built 1/3 scale
 We stopped for a nice dinner in Lake Havasu and strolled around a bit then decided the spring break crowd was beginning to take over and we were a little out of place.
 Next we debated a drive to Oatman but thought it a bit to far so we opted to drive down to Quartzite. Quartzite is noted as a great place to boondock camp in January and February. Thousands gather in the desert to attend massive RV tent shows selling anything imaginable and more.
 Not much to see now that most of the Rvers have left for cooler temps and although not here at peak time we can say it does not look like our cup of tea.
 Saving the best for last, according to the visitor center, the number one thing to do in Parker is visit the Nellie E. Saloon better known as " The Desert Bar ".
 The bar located 5 miles down a rough dirt road and lies on old mining land has been in operation since 1983. It operates only on weekends Labor Day thru Memorial from noon to six.
 It is quite the setup with live bands performing and plenty of food and drink being served. It also does this all on solar power and the solar panels do double duty serving as large sun screens.

solid steel church

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  1. Nice post. We like that area and agree with you about Q. It is on our been there done that list.