Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Friday, August 19, 2016

Horsing aound in the Hills

Hi all,
So on with week two of hard time at Custer State Park, haha. Even though we gave up our off days for a week we have still been trying to have some fun.
 Wendy and I headed to Custer county fair this past weekend. We didn't figure it to be to big and weren't surprised as it was held in nearby Hermosa population 400.
 This was a classic western town fair, featuring  a lot of cowboy and cowgirls with a lot of horses.
We saw a couple events that we hadn't seen before, one watching hitched wagons complete a  obstacle course. Some of those drivers really knew their stuff maneuvering large Belgians hitched to huge wagons. Next we watched teams of two riders sort numbered cattle from a small pen. Neat how you see younger ones learning to keep the old west alive.

 Well all but a few bikes are left from the Sturgis rally, the numbers were way down this year after last years record setting year. We still saw enough bikes but it was good you could actually get around.
 Another day we decided to ride up Iron Mountain Road and bum Keystone a bit. As we were heading up we passed a couple tractors and got behind another. Turns out this is a biannual event where about 100 antique tractors take part in rides around the Black Hills. We got lucky and passed them as they lined up for a drive to Keystone and Hill City. We got ahead of them and were able to watch the procession through Keystone while enjoying a beverage from a balcony. They will be riding through Custer State Park later this week.

 Around the campground things have been pretty much the same. Our job here is to be out and about from 5 pm to 9. We make rounds and assure campers know that it is their last night. We have met some nice people and one couple from our old hometown of Mukwonago.
One difference this year has been the turkey, we seen at least three different broods about the campground with one group of 20 and two different age young ones. We have even seen some roosting in the pines behind our camper. We stuck up our birdfeeder and it took the no time at all to find it.


  1. Most of those tractors parked in the campground parking lot here at Buffalo Ridge. Amazing to see all of them in one place!