Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Week One Custer State Park

HI all,
Got our first week in at Custer State Park all well and good. Not many changes in our duties but different as Wendy is not doing the attendant work she did the last two years. She is hosting with me so we both get to goof off all day.
 The park has made quite a few improvements with the biggest being a new visitor center that features a Imax theater. Legion Lodge made some improvements and some new cabins were added.
 Many of the people that work or volunteer here return year after year(#4 for us) so it is nice catching back up with them. We still have the same supervisor and assistant supers. which is nice.
 We rolled right in to Sturgis bike week and really notice a lot less bikers from last years big anniversary hoopla. We ventured down into Custer one day to do some bike seeing, neat seeing so many different ones.

Some of the different campers in the park
 We did get in our favorite drive that takes you down through some of the park into Wind Cave National Park along a dirt road reentering Custer SP on the wildlife loop. It is some pretty open prairie and rolling hills.

Buffalo with pronghorn and beyond them a coyote, nice triple

 Didn't take me long to hit the lake for some crappie and gills, but like with most places fishing in the August heat has been slow.

 Wendy has put the basket maker in high gear trying to build up her reserves for the Buffalo Roundup craft fair. She has even started making needle bracelets to change things up.
 Today we are starting a two week stint with no days off, pretty bad I know. College kids are already heading back to school and a few other happenings has the park shorthanded. They asked if we could volunteer some overtime and we agreed. They will pay us time and a half = 0.haha. We still have every day off til 5pm so plenty of time for our hobbies, we just need to eat supper early like us old timers do anyhow.