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Monday, January 23, 2012

Party on

Well party with our friends from high school (class of "75)  was nice. Only one couple that usually comes was unable to make it. We behaved pretty good for our group, must be gettin old.-nawwww :). We told them that they could follow our adventures in our blog and one couple did not know what a blog was. We all had a little laugh at that. No we won't mention there names as they may find out. But as I think about it we don't text -  many would laugh at that.
 Wendy spent a lot of time yesterday reading of how we will get Internet on the road. Many private campgrounds are getting wifi, but we will not be in those parks most times. We much prefer state  parks. A Verizon air card seems to be the way to go. We should get coverage most of the time. Still would a router and  a special antenna.
 As we progress with the house sale one couple has viewed it 3 times and the realtor thinks they may be getting a offer ready. That is scaring the bejeebers out of us. Houses are averaging 4 months on the market and maybe 60 days to get financing- that is 6 mos. We are Not ready! We want 6 mos.


  1. just Ray checking setting

  2. Just your daughter saying you're a dork

  3. I agree that he's a dork!!!

  4. You're not a dork. My first couple postings I felt like a dork :) We text..lol :)