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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Trade offs

 Okay, middle of January and we're finally getting some real Wi. winter, 0 and snow. Well, as we had much warmer and very little snow to this point at least it should make it seem like a short winter.
 We continue to get ready for our, do I say change in life? Next adventure sounds better. We have 2 house showings this weekend. One is a second  showing. Wendy is starting to worry and think it may sell quicker than we thought. She is thinking we should get to packing up more stuff and sorting what we will take with us.
 I did do some work yesterday with an insurance co. that handles a fulltimers package. It was quite a bit more but is a plan that covers fulltime living in,traveling, and more insurance on personal items. Wendy looked at what we are carrying now for homeowners and camper and it was $45. less. I guess they say many things in fulltiming are a trade off, less for this but more for that. Truck ins. was just a bit more. We are still looking at health ins. for Wendy. I get to keep mine from work at employee cost and I can keep her on but very expensive. As we will be getting S. Dakota residency cost are different. We have looked at a mail forward service in Sioux Falls. Kinda funny as that is where Wendy and I got married. Minnehaha County- luv that name.
 We have party tonight with friends from high school. We have had annual X-mas and a summer party with them since our school days. This may be the last one in this old house. We may try and persuade them to change the summer outing to fall, when we plan to come back for annual visits here. Doing something like this is about sacrificing things we have done for years, which is very hard to do. But we have to do those to follow our dreams, again the trade off thing.

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