Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


More on what we are planning to do.. We are liking to say our plans will be written in jello as they can easily change,  but in reality we will have to somewhat plan how we are going to do this. When/if we sell the stix/brix we will travel to South Dakota to become residents there. The reason for that is no state tax, easy to get drivers licence, and mail forward service. We do not really have a bucket list that we are trying to accomplish but there are a few things we know we want to see.
 We hope to do some workcamping along the way. This would help us to keep our cost down  and also think we would need something to ease us from our past work life. There are many different ideas and ways to work camp. Amazon.com hire many workcampers for 2-3 months in pre x-mas season. They have a campground nearby and pay for your site plus wages. Disney hires some, that might be cool. Wendy says I could be Goofy. Some do gate watch in Texas or sell Xmas trees for a time. Our thought is to either volunteer for our campsite/elec at a state park or maybe find a small campground with a few cabins to clean. You normally work for a time of one to three months.
 We would of course do the south thing in the winter. The first winter we plan to do Ala./Louis. area so we can take in a Mardi gras. We would like to do a desert camp next year, that is at Quartzite Ariz.Thousands of campers head there in Jan/Feb to boondock. Then head northwest to a workamp position somewhere.
 We will plan on returning back to Wi for Sept/Oct to catch up with family and Dr's.and such.

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  1. Nice shiny new blog you have here! We're enjoying our third winter as fulltime RVers, and just want to add a big thumbs up to your plans to spend your first winter along the Gulf Coast. We are so enjoying our first visit here. As far as Mardi Gras goes, you can celebrate it all along the coast! We started right after New Year's near New Orleans, and wrapped it up by attending the parades in America's original Mardi Gras city, Mobile, AL. It was all good! Happy planning! We look forward to seeing you out on the road.