Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rollercoaster Ride

 Well the wait came to a end at 5:00 last night. The offer wasn't accepted but, it wasn't rejected. We're not waiting any longer. We'll have showings when they come up and another open house. Now we both can sleep better.
 I keep thinking we should be packing and getting rid of more stuff. I took a look in the 2 bedrooms upstairs,but there is very little in the rooms. I think I have gone through all the rooms at least 3 times in the past year. We have decided that we need to have a rummage to get rid of the stuff the kids don't take.
 I caught up on my blogs. Ray says I'm a lurker. I admit I am, I read A LOT of fultimer blogs. If you have one, I have read it or follow it daily. I love reading and seeing pictures of the different places to visit. I like the details of the different hikes and areas to camp. Ray on the other hand, reads all the RV forums. He checks out all the new gadgets and all the technical stuff.
 We had a inch or 2 of snow the last two nights, looking forward to the 40's the next 3 days. Hopefully the rest of winter will stay mild.

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