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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Fix

  What a great weekend!! We got our grand kid fix. That's what we call it when we haven't seen the boys for a while.
  Nothing like spending time with grand kids.
  While it was nice enough to go camping, our camper is in storage. Its not far to get, but with trying to sell the house it takes the entire driveway.
 We were to have 3 showings, but one cancelled. Hope the warm weather gets people moving- literally!
               On Saturday we went fishing. Didn't catch anything- but that didn't matter.

Lukas, Isaiah, grandpa, and Noah


                                We took a hike to the Vernon marsh.


 Had campfire in the back yard.

The boys slept in a tent set up in the sunroom.

 On Sunday we did a little geocaching and then had a nice lunch with our youngest daughter Colleen.
Lukas and grandpa

Isaiah and geo treasures

Ooh!!  On Saturday the girls gave us tickets to see Zac Brown on July 5.
That is something we really wanted to do- but I'm to cheap-haha
Wendy loves their song Free.
We really have the best kids!!!!!

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  1. That Zac Brown song is the RV-Dreamers theme song :) Good song!