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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Geocaching (Sunday)

                            Wow, I'll take this weather. What a nice warm day.
  Seeing that we had another Open House today,  we planned on going hiking. One of our favorite state parks is only 19 miles away. Bong State Park has a lot of hiking trails and 2 nice campgrounds.
   We packed up a small lunch and some drinks and headed out. Stopped at Home Depot to get some command strips to hang the GPS to the dash board. We got the velcro ones and put the GPS over one of the vents. It's angled towards the driver. The glare wasn't as bad as on top of the dash board.

 We drove to the park and paid for our annual sticker. With the warm weather, there were a few cars pulling in. The geocaches we are going to look for are The Big Bad Wolf series. The trails were quite wet in places. Saw a lot of deer tracks in the mud. The first cache, we headed down the trail and turned left. Stopped to recalculate the GPS and we heard buzzing noise. Didn't see any bees nest but there was a swarm of them at the top of a tree. Turned around and went back to the main trail. A short walk and we found The Straw House.

  Signed the log book and headed off to find The Stick House. It wasn't to far down the trail and the GPS was pointing to the left off the trail. A little bushwhacking and we found it.

  Hiked down the trail to find The Brick House. This was a easy find. Couldn't miss this little red house.

  Signed the log book and added a small peg game. We like to leave things that the kids to find. Moved the house about a foot to the right. Its by a tree and not out in plain sight for a muggler to get. Finished the trail loop and took a break for our lunch. Sat on the tailgate enjoying the warm sunny day.  Not far down another trail was a cache called Swan Lake. It didn't take long and we found the small lake. And yes there were 2 swans.

We had to look around for this one. Found it!

   Had a few more caches on our list to find. We'll save them for the next time. Hiked back to the truck. Had a great time hiking and talking about our future plans.



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