Wheres Ray/Wendy yr 2

Sunday, March 11, 2012


   Last night we continued an old tradition of celebrating birthdays with Wendy and Dawn. We have been friends with Bill since high school and Dawn after he robbed the cradle.
  Their birthdays are Febuary and we try and get out for a good dinner as soon as our busy schedules allow. haha.
    Our favorite has been Crawdaddys. They serve as you can imagine by the name Louisiana fare. It includes crayfish,(crawdads) alligator, jumbaylala, and the like.

Southern Lemonade, Hurricane, Gater Guzzler.

  As with most good places to eat there is a wait. We have waited as long as 2 hours when it first became popular. Tonight the wait was a nice 45 minutes. Just enough time for a good Louisiana drink.

  The decor is Mardi gras and music to create a fiestive atmosphere.


 As we waited Dawn entertained with her drawing of an elephants but. She said she wanted to be an art teacher at one time, but didn't think she could deal with the kids. Maybe if should could knock em around a little. ---we had a good laugh thinkin how that would go.

 The dinner selection is huge and as we wait we usually change our minds on what we're having 3 or 4 times.

Eggplant w/shrimp,crawdads

Cajun Chicken Oscar

                          We took some doggy bags home so we had room for our deserts.

Creme Brule, Key Lime pie, Pecan pie, and a Chocolate creme pie. Yummy!

 The night ended with a couple games of cribbage at our house talking about how full we were.
 On Sunday we have a open house scheduled and plan to go geocaching to walk off some #s.

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